The voice is the instrument we are most familiar with. Before we understand words, phrases, and complex structures of language, we are able to interpret tones of voice. Many times the how is more important than the what is said. A phrase expressed in the wrong tone takes on a completely different and equivocal meaning. In the nuances, in the subtlety, in the details lies the spirit of the words and the voice.

At DvMUSIC we are aware of this and that is why we created www.vocesdecine.com. More and more clients trust us to give voice to their projects. We have a wide range of national and international voices.

We work with all disciplines of vocal performance: advertising, dubbing, singing, rapping, beatboxing.

Our recording rooms and equipment are specially designed to provide recordings with the ideal acoustic environment and achieve a natural and clear sound. We also pay great attention to the editing and post-production of the voice so that the voice is the protagonist and can convey the message in a clear and crystal clear way.

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We are a team of musicians, songwriters and producers with a passion for music. He doesn’t like to experience new challenges; Create compositions with a life of their own, impactful, memorable and original. We listen, we ask, we analyze, and mostly we feel to create melodies that tell stories.

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Sound design

Sound design is a complex and exciting art. It’s about creating textures, inserting atmospheres, applying effects to transport the listener to a unique environment, to a secluded world to which we want to direct them.

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