Room 1

    The music recording room is prepared for the recording and musical creation of radio spots, commercials, video games, advertising jingles, animation series, short films, feature films…

    It has movable panels that allow the acoustics of the room to be varied to create the ideal acoustic space for each instrument or formation.

    Recording studio 1 is also ideal for recording podcasts due to its size, acoustics and decoration.

    Room 2

    Dubbing recording room 2 consists of a recording room and a control, editing and mixing room. In the recording room, the speaker or dubber reads and interprets the text. The editing and mixing room is equipped with a 5.1 system for the editing and mixing of sound effects tracks and the creation of soundtracks for animated series, television and film projects.

    Room 3

    Room designed in the classic style of dubbing studios where the technician, director and actor are together in the same space for more direct communication.

    Also ideal for use as a podcast recording studio.

    Room available for dubbing and podcast studio rental in Barcelona, contact us here.

    Room 4

    Recording studio for advertising voice-overs, audio books, video games, radio spots, podcasts… Treated with absorbent materials to eliminate any reflection and thus obtain the most precise and cleanest sound.

    Room 5

    This recording studio is ideal for recording voice-overs for advertising, audio books, video games, documentaries, dubbing, corporate videos…

    With a very well cared decoration, it allows to create a pleasant atmosphere to be able to work more comfortably.

    Room 6

    Recording studio ideal for recording audio books, podcasts, radio spots, telephone answering machines… and audio editing. Everything ready to start recording your project.

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