Sound design

Creating a sound ambience requires a great capacity for observation, imagination and creativity.

Sound design is an art that allows you to enhance the credibility of a scene or that allows you to transfer that same scene to an imaginary and distorted world through the sound emitted by its elements.

Creativity is crucial in this discipline.

At DvMUSIC we have a wealth of experience in this field. We have carried out the sound design of animation, television, advertising and multimedia projects.

Audio mixing is the last step in the process. It determines the level, position and place of each effect and sound element in the scene. We have worked for the main television stations in the country, production companies and agencies in different disciplines.

Sound design projects

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We are a team of musicians, songwriters and producers with a passion for music. He doesn’t like to experience new challenges; Create compositions with a life of their own, impactful, memorable and original. We listen, we ask, we analyze, and mostly we feel to create melodies that tell stories.

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The greatest instrument is the voice. Able to convey emotions, complex messages, sing the sweetest melodies and shout the most thunderous words. Our passion for vocal performance has led us to create Where the most recognized voices of our country can be found.

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